A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church, and promoting understanding and acceptence of atheism and freethought in our community

A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church,understanding and acceptence of atheism 

and freethought in our community

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2017 Dec 23, 12:00PM - 02:30PM
HumanLight/Solstice Party

2017 Dec 25, 01:00PM - 03:00PM
Rational Refugees

2017 Dec 31, 12:00PM - 01:00PM
Philosophers' Table: Growing our Community
(General Meeting)

2017 Dec 31, 01:00PM - 03:00PM
Plans for 2018
(General Meeting)

2018 Jan 05, 07:00PM - 10:00PM
Free Movie Night!

2018 Jan 09, 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Board of Directors Meeting
(Planning Meeting)

2018 Jan 13, 06:00PM -
Freethought Dinner Social

2018 Jan 19, 07:00PM - 10:00PM
Free Movie Night!

2018 Jan 28, 12:00PM - 01:00PM
Philosophers' Table: Atheist Friendship
(General Meeting)

AOF Directors, Officers & Functionaries ...

Brad Clark
Brad Clark
AOF President, Director
Brad holds graduate degrees in anthropology and education. His writing has appeared in Free Inquiry and The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience.
"In April 1993, I attended the American Atheists National Convention, which was held in Sacramento that year. I met with a small group of local attendees where we discussed the idea of creating our own organization. A couple of years earlier, A.A. had dissolved the chapter structure, so it was clear that we would create an independent organization. I was pleased to serve on the board of AOF during its earliest years. During that time we made affiliations with a number of related organizations. In 2018, we will celebrate a quarter century of existence. A lot has changed since our founding.  In 1993 it was difficult to connect with like-minded people. Today, technology has transformed the way we connect and obtain information. As an organization, our challenge is to adapt to those changes while continuing to make contributions to our community."

Mynga Futrell, Vice-President

Mynga Futrell
AOF Vice President, Board Chairperson, Library Curator

"Since active in AOF's co-founding in 1993, I have enjoyed helping the organization in numerous capacities (as president, vice-president, newsletter layout, newsletter editor, on committees and projects, and as liaison to national and international organizations). I continue to serve as VP and to represent AOF as a member society of the Atheist Alliance of America. I consider AOF to be an indispensable resource for freethinkers in the Sacramento area. Still, I see a need for board re-commitment to the organizational mission for which AOF was es-tablished and exists. I will continue to be one voice pressing for more attention to infrastructure/programs directed at addressing the problem of civic acceptance of atheists in the broader community, since that is what AOF had set out to do. Although its structure remains immensely worthwhile, elements of AOF's programs and publications are often conducted without adequate view to the populace at large. In-group camaraderie and content founded on self-identity reinforcement have little to offer to improving “civic legitimacy” of atheists. They can also feed into unfavor-able stereotypes, so I favor pursuing a modicum of substantial activities that have likely beneficial effect on public acceptance of atheists in our community and on public support for key issues of church/state separation. We should be ever cognizant of the public face of AOF as presented to the broader public and its relation to stated mission."

 See her Wikipedia entry. Cool.

Kristi CravenKristi Craven
Director at Large
"I grew up being taught that truth, integrity and character are the cornerstones of a good life. Never have I felt closer to that goal than in the past 6 years when I have become an agnostic freethinker. Now I know the difference between belief and facts, truth versus tradition, and comfort as opposed to reality. My road to that discovery has been a difficult one, flocked with various churches, cults and disorganized thinking. As Dan Barker of FFRF has often told people that if he was not a believer than no one is can also be applied to me. I searched for meaning and symbolism in everything, looking for that magic formula that would make everything make sense. I reached out to God in every way imaginable finally becoming a born again Christian in 1997. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was far too intelligent and independent to accept this ideology and decided that either all religions were true or none of them were. I went through a period of accepting all religions until I finally just woke up one day and told myself that the God of no confusion certainly was confusing. It was then that I realized what I really was, an atheist. It was a painful acceptance at first and was not without significant personal loss, but pretending anymore to be something that I wasn’t just was no longer an option. Since becoming a non-believer I have discovered that so many of the truths I was holding onto were not truths at all and that doing my own research instead of just accepting someone else’s word for what was right gave me the answers I had been searching for so long and I truly felt “born again”. I still find myself missing the fellowship and friendships that came from my church relationships and hope that I can bring this to the AOF table. I am also an accomplished singer, musician and actress and hope I can lend my talents, as I did as a Christian, to inspire and give courage to those who are, perhaps, once like me, lost and searching for the truth wherever it may lead them.."

Fran Evanisko
Fran Evanisko
Director at Large, Newsletter Editor
Full statement pending. For now, know that Fran joined AOF in mid-2014, has been energetic within in the Sacramento-area freethought community since 2011, and has endeared himself to all of us with his humor, practicality, political barbs, volunteerism, esoteric stories, and fabled affinity for ferrets.  We just love to say that last part.


Christine Tweet
Christine Tweet
Director at Large
"Growing up as an only child to a recovering drug addict, single mother I learned how to be independent and patient. Constant bouncing from homeless shelter to homeless shelter showed me that no one wants to be there. Working at food banks with my mother gave me a sense of compassion and understanding for others. Going to church as a cheap after school sitter gave me a desire to question authority.

"I have a paralegal degree that I have not used. Currently I work as a process server and professional photocopier for a records retrieval company. 6 days a month I volunteer for a rabbit rescue and adoption group."

Linda HsuLinda Hsu
Director at Large
"My mom was a Catholic, so I went with her to church and read bible stories at a young age, just like reading 1001 Arabian Nights. I'm always surprised that anyone could take those stories literally. Really? I'm an agnostic now."

Linda entered our local community of reason in March of 2013; she joined AOF in January 2016.


Dave Flanders
Dave Flanders
Director, Videographer, Sound System Technician
"On an IQ Test, 50% of the people in the world would score below average. People of the religion of egalitarianism believe in an equal brain for all.  I don't believe that religion. And I refuse to be labeled as an oppressive white male that keeps others down."

 As you see, Dave is a laconic gent, a thoughtful man, a man of few words. He also once wrote, "... I enjoy the freethinking side of me than the atheist side -- atheism seems so obvious. Also, I enjoy that atheistic methodology, Science." Terse and pithy. But without our Sound Technician, AOF would be a wet mess.


Ken Nahigian, Treasurer (needs a shave)

Ken Nahigian

Treasurer, Registrar, Web Lackey, Director, Empties Wastebasket
Ken serves AOF as a director, treasurer, membership registrar, web developer & floor sweep. He joined AOF in December 1993 before it even had a proper name. He became Treasurer in 1995, Registrar (membership database keeper) in 2004. He desperately needs sleep.

Prior to the AOF days, his life was a mad-mouse ride between religious belief and skepticism. Finding an organized Freethought community felt like a breakthrough, a first breath of oxygen. He now styles himself, not as an atheist, not even an agnostic, but an apatheist -- in other words, it all seems to be too much fuss over nothing. His continued vision for AOF is to pinch pennies, sell merchandise, hack at the website, and keep AOF solvent as best he can. He hopes to build bridges to the other freethought and skeptical groups within the Sacramento area, to cross-pollinate our Community of Reason. As a freethinker and humanist, he also sees opportunity for cooperative action between AOF and more open-minded believers. "Freethought has escaped the intellectual ghetto that held it for almost a century; the horizon is open if our hearts are open, and if we do not fear to change."

Kathy Warnock
Kathy Warnock
Acting Secretery
"I am a retired engineer that has worked the gamut of jobs across this country in the nuclear sector. I have a B.S. in nuclear engineering and an M.S. in environmental engineering. I have one son, who is in graduate school at MIT. I was born and raised in Iowa, a Presbyterian, but never accepted the religious dogma. Upon graduation from college, at the suggestion of my college adviser I checked out the Unitarians and shortly thereafter became affiliated with them. I am currently a friend of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento and a member of the Sacramento Reason Center.

"During my gamut of employment across this great country I have 'witnessed' the sinister side of religion and how it has slithered into our legal and governing processes to such an extent that they are now the 'true terrorists.' I now believe these religious and government institutions are about to "implode" upon themselves as they will soon be shown to be nothing but liars whose only objective is to enslave the general population into their 'Reign of Terror,' to keep their military machinery running. If nothing else, I believe that it will be coming to an end during my life time. And since I am not young, it will be soon, very soon.

"As we see the coming of the end of the 'Religious Reich,' I look forward to working with the AOF Board towards transitioning to this Brave New World."

 Kathy Johnson
Kathy E. Johnson
AOF Postmaster (newsletter distribution)
Kathy is a founding member of the thriving Freedom From Religion Foundation Sacramento Chapter. "My identification is more as a Humanist. I firmly believe in separation of church and state and that each of us has a personal responsibility to help each other. I believe we are interdependent upon one another to take conscientious actions that promote our survival, our environment and endangered species. I firmly believe that all minorities, such as LGBT and atheists, should be more welcomed into society, their rights protected by positive public opinion as well as law. I champion the two primary missions of AOF, which I intend to support as my time allows."


Susan McLean 
Program Coordinator 
No image or statement yet. Check back later, and meanwhile, imagine a nice smile. 

Don Knutson in the wild

Don Knutson
Service Project Coordinator
Don, a long time member or supporter of AOF, believes strongly that logic and reason provide a deeper and more visceral connection to morality than ancient writ absorbed by a believer. And naturally, compassion for animals, disadvantaged peoples and the planet become a lifelong dedication.

Don is such a paragon of ethics, we just want to hug him and weep for our own stained souls.


Pat Kelley with Vicious Killer Canine

Pat Kelley
Ever nonconformist, Pat developed her personal profile in the form of a graphic.  Behold, and wonder ...



patkelley profile


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