A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church, and promoting understanding and acceptence of atheism and freethought in our community

A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church,understanding and acceptence of atheism 

and freethought in our community

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Upcoming Events

2017 Feb 26, 12:00PM - 01:00PM
Philosophers' Table: More Stuck-up Atheists
(General Meeting)
2017 Feb 26, 01:00PM - 03:00PM
Potluck & Poetry
(General Meeting)
2017 Mar 11, 09:00AM - 11:00AM
Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup
(Community Service)
2017 Mar 14, 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Board of Directors Meeting
(Planning Meeting)
2017 May 10, 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Board of Directors Meeting
(Planning Meeting)

Our Kindred Spirits

Behold the world of freethought: a deep, vast commonwealth, multifarious, diverse and prismed as a snowflake. You won't find a lot of agreement here, but then why should you? Freethinkers are independent. What you will find is discussion, challenge, opinion, inquiry and food for your thought. In brief, this is a place to learn more, to explore other groups like AOF, and some very unlike. A place to challenge yourself, to grow your horizons. It may seem a lot -- but do not worry, you have the rest of your life to do your homeworkYou’ve barely begun.

Sister Groups within the Sacramento Community of Reason

o SCoR, the Sacramento Area Coalition of Reason (network)

o Our Thoughts Are Free (and it's evil twin, Brainsofteners.com)

o Reason Center, a home and venue for all of us 

o HAGSA, the Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area

o Sacramento Brights Action (local chapter of The Brights Network)

o SacFAN, Sacramento Freethinkers, Atheists & Nonbelievers 

o Sacramento African American Humanists

o Sacramento ThinkAtheist (see its parent group under Family Resources below)

o Sunday Assembly Sacramento, a humanist alternative to church (also click here)

o Sacramento Multi-Belief Discussion, Meetup group to discuss different faith-views

o Stockton Area Atheists & Freethinkers

o AgASA, the Atheists and Agnostic Student Association of UC Davis (and Wikipage)

o CSUS Secular Student Alliance (and its Forum)

o Sacramento City College Freethinkers, part of the Secular Student Aliance

o Sierra College Freethinkers, likewise part

o SAS, the Sacramento Area Skeptics

o Americans United Sacramento and Americans United Sacramento (Blogspot)

o FACTS, aka the First Atheist Church of True Science

o Greater Sacramento FFRF Chapter - Please email "sacffrf (at) gmail (dot) com" for info
(click to FFRF to learn more about the national organization)

o The Skeptics Dictionary

o The Center for Liberty of Conscience, formerly k.a. the Interfaith Liberty Foundation

o SAAGE, the Sacramento Atheist-Agnostic Gatherings & Events (events network with a chat group, but you'll need a Yahoo login)

o Teaching About Religion (local educational resource)

o Sacramento Grove of the Oak (local pagan/wiccan network, apparently in abbeyance)

Major Secular events in the Sacramento area

o Sacramento Freethought Day - a day in October

o Sacramento Darwin Day - a day in mid-February

o Human Light - a day in late December (for Sacramento's local event, try this link, and scroll)

o National Day of Reason - Each year, the 1st Thursday in May 

National & International organizations

o FFRF, the Freedom From Religion Foundation

o American Atheists, the group that began all the hoopla

o The Brights

o United Coalition of Reason

o American Humanist Association

o The Secular Coalition for America

o CSH, the Council for Secular Humanism

o Atheist Alliance International

o The Satanic Temple - Really, they're just freethinkers in black robes

o The Rationality Unleashed Project and Rationality Unleashed Daily bulletin

o The Secular Global Institute

o Secular Student Alliance

o Atheists for Human Rights

o National Atheist Party + Facebook Page. AKA, Secular America. Yes, there is a Nat'l Atheist Party, jump back!

o Enlighten the Vote

o International Humanist and Ethical Union

o The Humanist

o IHS, the Institute for Humanist Studies

o Humanist Life

o Openly Secular, seeking an end to discrimination against secularists

o The First Amendment Center

o The TruthSeeker Company and the TS Foundation

o The Freethinker (from the Brits)

o Project Reason

o Canadian Association for Science and Reason

o The Military Religious Freedom Foundation

o Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, atheists in foxholes do exist!

o The Original Motto Project, getting America back to “E Pluibus Unum

o No More "In God We Trust", because God on money is just wrong

o We Are Atheism

o CSICOP, Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal

o The Skeptic Society

o Independent Investigations Group, investigating paranormal claims from a scientific viewpoint (because somebody has to!)

o LogiCal-LA, a place for critical thinkers to meet & share

o Americans United for Separation of Church and State

o The Institute for Church-State Studies

o Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

General Resources and Information

  o Atheists Websites Directory -- so, you think this is a big list? Heh.

o Secular News Daily, for Freethought News

o National Events Calendar of Atheism, Humanism, Freethought

o The Secular Web

o Truth Saves

o The Infidel Guy has his own webcast!

o The Happy Heretic

o American Heathen

o The Black Sun Journal, another ex-minister speaking out

o The English Atheist (the Religion Page, archived)

o The Skeptic's Corner

o The Rational Responders

o The Skeptics' Bible is a useful reference!

o The Skeptics' Quran

o Bible Trash (offline, archived)

o Opposing Views (Religion)

o HolySmoke

o The Skeptic Tank

o Atheists For Jesus ... Wait, what?

o The Set Free website

o Atheist Empire strikes back ...

o The Infidels, aka the Secular Web, aka the Internet Infidels

o Positive Atheism (archived)

o Nobeliefs

o IronChariots, a wiki of apologetics & contra-apologetics

o Undo Jesus is about as in-your-face as they get

o Jim Lippard's Atheism & Christianity page

o The Richard C. Carrier Page

o Jesus Never Existed? loves controversy

o The Event Horizon reader (archive)

o The Skeptical Review homepage

o Biblical Errancy by Dennis McKinsey, all 192 issues, huge file, be patient!

o BibleViz, a visual interactive chart of Bible problems. Whoa. I mean, whoa.

o The Freethought Debater

o The Evil Bible, all the scuttlebutt

o The Orbit: Atheism, Activism and Culture

o Skepchick, women on science, skepticism, and pseudoscience

o Edward T. Babinski's Religion Blog

o Valerie Tarico

oThe Blaghag Blog

o Divided Under God 

o The Friendly Atheist

o An American Atheist

o Atheist in America, or its mirror blog, FlameWarrior

o Rosa Rubicondior, a blog of religion, science & politics by an atheist-humanist

o Why won't God heal amputees? (we wondered!)

o The God Contention, with religious & secular answers to the Big Questions

o The Savage Truth by the Right Rev. James Huber (he spells it 'Huger' sometimes)

o Teaching About Religion (national educational resource)

o The Secular Directory, a directory of humanist/freethought/skeptic groups & events everywhere

o The Freethinker's Directory (similar resource, in .pdf format, click here for other formats!)

o American Freethought

o The Godless Geeks of Silicon Valley

o Secular Activism, online classes, training & webinars for the secular mind

o True Truths, as opposed to the other kind, we guess 

o Disbelief Net, from the folk who brought you Religulous (the movie)

o Atheism UK

o Defaithed

o Slave Sermons

o Digital Freethought

o The Pissy Bishop is dedicated to freethought expression

o No Honor in Gods

o Anonymous vs Scientology - Why they protest

o Planet Atheism - Aggregated atheist blogs

o Patheos Atheist, the Atheist Voice in a conversation of faith

o The Critical Thinker Academy

o The Religious Right in California
(a 1992 chart from Project Tocsin, a bit outdated, still fascinating)

o Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, "FSM" sightings the world over!

o United Church of Bacon: Hail Bacon, Full of grease, the Lard is with thee

Family Resources, Social Networks, and Building a Community

o Camp Quest

o Scouting for All

o Atheist Parents

o Atheist Nexus

o Parenting Beyond Belief

o Grief Beyond Belief, faith-free grief support

o Kids Without God

o After School Satan, bringing the Dark Loard to our public schools

oAtheist Zone (with its Sacramento-area branch!)

o Atheist Social Network

o Freethinker Match, a dating service

o Secular Organizations for Sobriety, a secular alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous 

o Rational Recovery, another alternative

o LifeRing, yet another

o The Sober Atheist

o The Atheist Census - Stand up, be counted!

Science and Evolution

o NCSE, the National Center for Science Education

o Talk Origins, an excellent resource, especially these pages:

o The Case for Common Descent (29+ Lines of Evidence)

o Index to Creationist Claims (with replies)

o Talk Reason

o The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

o Evolution Evidence

o Why Evolution is True

o Pharyngula, the PZ Meyers Science Blog

o Ed Babinski's Creation & Evolution Blog

o Dave Matson and Dave Matson (Blog)

o The Epic Idiot (archived)

o Bible and Science (or, the Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies)

o Earth and Life - One of the neatest science posters ever, courtesy of The Brights

o The Geological Time Spiral, another great poster

o The Radial Tree of Life (Hillis Diagram), another!


o This Day in Church History, a Christian site with a sense of humor

o History of Religion and the Geography of War, splendid animation

o The (Real) Christian Heritage (archived, original site is offline)

o Christian Atrocities

o The Bible - Who Wrote it, Compiled it, Edited it

(by the Staff of The Straight Dope, an epic in five parts)

o Jesusquest (archived) - Who was this Jesus, anyway?

o "Things They Don't Tell You ..." (also archived)

Reference and Research

o Religion Facts

o The Religious Tolerance website

o Field Guide to Religions

o Adherents.com, for statistics on religion

o The Sacred Texts archive

o Epiphenom, the Science of Religion and Nonbelief

o The Godchecker - More gods than you can shake a stick at

o Meta-religion - Still not sure what this is ...

De-conversion support and testimonials

o Leaving Christianity

o Losing My Religion

o Falling From Oz - True stories of deconversion (please submit your own!)

o The Ex-Christian Network and New ExChristian Network, useful forums

o Recovering From Religion 

o Ex-Minister, for clergy who walked away

o The Clergy Project, another resource for doubting clergy

o Fundamentalism Exposed

o Recovery From Mormonism

o The Ex- Jehovah's Witness site (aka JW RecoverY

o Free Minds, for 'JW' Escapees

o Apostates of Islam (on Facebook)

o Former Muslims United

o Ex-Muslims of North America

o Ebon Musings

o Questioning

o Fundamentalist Logic

o Not My God

o God is Imaginary

o ZIP-file of Deconversion Stories

Recommended secular charities

o The SHARE charity

o Foundation Beyond Belief

o Humanist Charities

o Sacramento Blood Source
Schedule a donation now. When you do, please use the AOF Blood Source ID# 4857

Freethought-related gifts & merchandise ZzzzzzAP

o The EvolveFish Company (stickers, buttons, lapel pins)

o The Freethought Store (Amazon.com)

o The Affable Atheist Store

oCafe Press Freethought Gifts 

o Brainburst Designs

o The Bank of Wisdom (freethought CDs, posters & busts - no not that kind)

o Internet Infidels Products

o Obscenitease is harsh, but not without charm

o Arrogant Atheist T-shirts

o Time to Grow Up

o Atheist Bliss (Photos & Portraits)

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