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EmmettFieldsEmmett F. Fields is the webmaster of the popular (some might say notorious) Bank of Wisdom website, which offers free downloads of classic freethought literature. Please visit and support it! Meanwhile, here's his outspoken view why atheist activist Madalyn Murray O'Hair, founder of American Atheists, was the greatest American ever. Then an opinion piece on How the God Believers Cooked Our Frog. If you wish to wrangle, you may contact Emmett at email <bowemmett (at) gmail (dot) com>. Be nice.

Note, other articles by Emmit are available at https://independent.academia.edu/EmmettFFields



Madalyn Murray O’Hair Was the Greatest American of the 20th Century – Bar NONE.

Not just the greatest American woman, but the Greatest American; she did more to free the United States from tyranny than anyone since Thomas Paine freed this Nation from English control in 1776. Yet I cannot find any mention of her in lists of Great American Women – How can this be?

Who are the invisible individuals who decide who is great and who is not, who is to be remembered, and who forgot? The great Deists, Atheist, and Freethinkers in American History have been removed and forgot, by those who have rewritten and falsified American History. Thomas Paine, the single most important person in the creation of this Nation, and the first person to write the immortal words: ‘The United States of America’ has been erased from our History because he destroyed the Christian Bible with his book: ‘The Age of Reason.’

Thomas Jefferson was no Christian, and advised his Nephew to: “Question with boldness even the existence of a God.”

Ethan Allen, Hero of the American Revolution, described Christianity in just three words; “That Ghostly Tyranny” in his book: ‘Reason, The Only Oracle of Man’ 1783.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Freethinker) said: “Robert G. Ingersoll is the greatest man of the Nineteenth Century; he will never be forgotten.” Yet Ingersoll, 1833–1899; that great and loving man, has been removed from American history because he used his powers to fight Christianity. Ingersoll saw Christianity as a threat to America’s greatness and future. There are others, many, many, others, on and on…

We must not allow this rape of American history to stand.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair knew the true history of America, and was determined to fight for her rights, and the rights of all Americans. Madalyn was an American Patriot in every sense of the word, she was an Army veteran of World War Two, she Joined the Women’s Army Corps and worked as a cryptographer on Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s staff. She served her Nation, and did all she could as a patriotic American. She earned her right to the respect of every citizen of this great Nation. And she earned the right of herself and her children to enjoy the Freedom and Equal Rights that every American has – regardless of religious opinion – under the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.

Yet she was denied those rights because she did not, could not – would not pretend to – believe the superstition that corrupts this Nation. At that time, as now, the Christian religion controlled the minds of a powerful minority of the American people from birth to death. Our Government imposed Christian brainwashing in our Public Schools to capture the minds of non-Christian children, and give the impression that Christianity was an established religion.

But Madalyn knew true American history, and had read the Christian Bible objectively, with an open mind, to understood what it really said. In an Interview for Playboy Magazine, October 1965 issue, she says: “When I was about 12 or 13 years old … I had two books to read at home: a dictionary and a Bible. Well, I picked up the Bible and read it from cover to cover one weekend – just as if it were a novel – vary rapidly, and I’ve never gotten over the shock of it. The Miracles, the inconsistencies, the wretched history, the sordid sex, the sadism in it – the whole thing shocked me profoundly.” There you have it; a thinking mind and loving hart, Madalyn was an Atheist from the start.

The proof of the power of brainwashing is that everyone does not see the Christian Bible the way this innocent young girl – Madalyn at 12 or 13 – saw it. Whether there is a god or not, that confused collection of antiquated legends and myth cannot be anything but the ravings of ignorant priests thousands of years ago. Today it is a mind-numbing threat to the modern world.

By forcing the Christian Bible into the public schools, and religious symbols, words, and slogans, into our government, our schools, onto Federal buildings, license plates, etc., on and on, Religion ignores its rightful place in American society, and forces itself into the public sector to take control of this Nation – That is Treason!

Daily Bible reading and prayer was mandatory in public Schools in the 1960s and before. Bill Murray, Madalyn’s son, refused to be a part of this corruption of the public-school system. Bill objected to being forced to undergo compulsory Christian indoctrination, and was excused from the class room during religious sessions. But that brought on hostility from Christian students, with hate, harassing, and fights.

Madalyn Murray was no longer the shy little Madalyn Mays who had been seduced, disgraced, and sent home to raise her child alone – same old story. There was no choice then; no abortion, no woman movement to help her, nothing, and like so many others, she went quietly away. But Madalyn Murray was now a woman who knew her rights, and the rights of her child, she was not to go quietly away this time. In the true character of an American Soldier, she attacked the whole corrupt pious system with a profane furry that grabbed the attention of the press and the American people.

Madalyn Murray went to Court and fought for her Country, her Rights, and the Rights of all children, in the most furious legal battles ever fought in our American courts. Madalyn fought to free the minds of the American People; and believing Christians hated her with the extreme hate that only religion can produce. A hatred so extreme that they called her ‘The Most Hated Woman in America.’ But she was not hated by all, only by believing Christians.

Madalyn Murry O’Hair, knew the true history, and horror, of two thousand years of Christian tyranny of Western Civilization, and fought to protect her child, and all children, from being forced – Brainwashed – into that ancient system in the American Public-Schools. It is the most basic right of every parent to protect their children from the influence of evil, that is why State and Church must forever be kept separate in Constitutional America.

I will say to every American, Christian or not; this angry woman, this Magnificent Angry Woman, has done more for you, and for the United States of America, than you are allowed to know. Even in death she is reviled and slandered by the most powerful propaganda machine in Western Civilization. The books that Hitler burned was Atheist books, Jew books, Freethought books, factual History, and such; not Christian books.

Does anyone really believe that Pious, believing, Christian Germany suddenly stopped being Christian in 1933, and just as suddenly became Christian again in 1945? We must learn to understand propaganda, mind control, brainwashing, and hate. The god word works the same all over the world, it makes evil good, and pious insanity acceptable. It must NOT succeed in destroying the United States of America.

Anyone who says this is anything but a free Nation is a traitor to the grand ideas this Nation is Founded upon. This is not a Christian Nation,

and no true American would ever say it is – or that it should be. We have a Nation founded upon ideals of equal rights for all, with equal justice for all, and those who say otherwise are the enemy of the peace, tranquility, and greatness of this Nation.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair knew this, and every thinking, patriotic, American knows this. In an introduction to her book; ‘Freedom Under Siege, The Impact of Organized Religion on your Liberty and your Pocketbook’ Madalyn Murray O’Hair writes: Organized religion is working to destroy your freedom. It strives to influence your elected representatives and to write the laws under which you live, to regulate your children’s schools and dictate what is taught there, to censor your entertainment and choose what you and your neighbors can see and read, and to determine for all women the right to control their lives and their bodies. …” Madalyn Murray O’Hair was a Patriotic American who fought valiantly for her country, and the great ideals it was Founded upon. For this she was hated and slandered by the religious leaders that control the minds of believing Christians.

Madalyn needed no help when she was alive, she was equal to any fight religion could wage. But now that she is dead the rodents attack and slander her name, and the battles she fought and won are being forgot. Where is the woman movement that should defend her memory, and protect the progress she made? Madalyn was the greatest and strongest of you, she did more for your movement and America than any of you. So why are you not defending her memory, and continuing her fight to save this nation?

There are always two parts to hate and lies; two parts to slander and character assassination. There are those who do the deed and write the lies; and there are those who believe the hate, and believe the lies. The believers hate without bothering to investigate to find the truth, both are equally guilty of the hate crime. Both are equally a threat to the facts and truth that can save this nation.

For you who hate Madalyn Murray O’Hair because she could not believe as you think she should believe, you need to read what Madalyn actually did believe. If you can still hate this woman after reading what she believes as an Atheist; then blind hate is your problem. If you think the following statement is a prepared statement that does not reflect Madalyn’s true nature, read her other books, writings, and statements. Here is what Madalyn publicly stated as what an Atheist belief is:

“An Atheist loves his fellow man instead of god. An Atheist believes that heaven is something for which we should work for now, here on earth, for all men together to enjoy. An Atheist believes that he can get no help through prayer, but that he must find in himself the inner conviction and strength to meet life, to grapple with it, to subdue it and enjoy it. An Atheist believes that only in a knowledge of himself and knowledge of his fellow man can he find the understanding that will help [both] to a life of fulfillment. He seeks to know himself and his fellow man rather than to know a god. An Atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An Atheist believes that a deed should be done instead of a prayer said. An Atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty banished, war eliminated. He wants man to understand and love man. He wants an ethical way of life. He believes that we are our brothers' keepers, and are keepers of our own lives; that we are responsible persons and the job is here and the time is now.”

Page 172 of ‘The ATHEIST Madalyn Murray O’Hair’ by Bryan F. Le Beau.

To save this Nation in this time of our greatest crisis, believing Christians must find the courage to get up off their knees and use their minds; they must THINK, Reason, Investigate, and stand up for America. By understanding the Natural world; the real world without superstition, they will discover a great and wonderful world of truth and beauty that has been denied them. When they read the facts, and Madalyn’s true words, and understand the issues, they will agree that Madalyn Murray O’Hair was the Greatest American of the twentieth Century, bar none.


How the God-Believers Cooked Our Frog

The story goes: If you drop a frog into hot water, it will immediately jump out; but if you put the frog into cool water and slowly heat the water, the frog will be cooked to death before he realizes he is being cooked. That story is not true; the frog will jump out when the water becomes uncomfortable.

The system the God-Believers used to destroy America is known as Jesuitism – or the slow cook – weather the Society of Jesus had anything to do with it or not I do not know.

The United States of America was established to be as free as it was possible for a government to be in those early days of political progress: We-the-People were to have Equal and Inalienable Rights; but, “We the People” were only the WASP people (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants – of the male gender who owned property). Yet this Rights of the People, limited as it was, was a great jump forward from the tyrannical rule of Kings and Priests that the American Revolution was fought to replace – The ‘Divine Right of Kings’ claim. [We do not have, and never had, any “God given freedom” or “God given Rights” as the Christian clergy often claim; every speck of freedom we have was dearly bought and defended by the courage, suffering, and determination of the American people, and any claim of it being a superstitious gift is an insult to those who gave their lives to buy and defend our freedom]

The new ‘Government of The United States,’ that was forming in the “New World” called ‘America’ was being created by men who had the direct memory of the living Horror of ‘Old World’ Christian tyranny stark before their eyes; and those Founders of our new American Government were determined to enact Powerful Basic Laws to protect their new Government from the insane Christian horrors that had driven people to flee the Christian tyranny in England and Europe.

The determination of the Founding Fathers to keep the Christian religion out of the American Government is best expressed by a quote from Denis Diderot – a quote the Founding Fathers firmly believed: “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” ― Denis Diderot Denis Diderot Quotes (Author of Jacques the Fatalist) (goodreads.com)

There we have it: The frog that the God Believers had to cook (overcome) in order to take control of the United States, was the need to destroy the BASIC American Freedom of keeping the Christian superstition out of the American Government – The total Separation of the American Government from the purveyors of superstitious nonsense.

BUT the master controllers of the God Believers knew how to cook that frog; they began preaching the same childish dogmas that had cast England and Europe into eighteen hundred years of Christian horror, persecution, and religious wars – preaching that there is a wonderful all-caring god in Heaven that loves them and will answer their every prayer; if the people would only believe in that wonderful god they would be safe, prosperous, and happy. BUT, the preachers preached; IF they do not believe in this caring and wonderful god, and did not support god’s clergy, this caring and wonderful god will send them to an eternity of burning in his impossible Christian Hell for-ever-and-ever.

No sooner had the separation of church and state became the foundation for keeping America forever free, than the old Christian mind-control process slowly began; it was first recorded in Western New York State in the early 1800s, but it soon became a national crusade to create and control believing Christian multitudes of the American people. Wikipedia explains perfectly how this mind-control system worked:

Burned-over district - Wikipedia      The Burned-over district of New York State

“Historical study of the phenomenon began with Whitney R. Cross, in 1951.[1][2] Subsequent study in the last quarter of the twentieth century re-assessed the extent to which religious fervor actually affected the region. Linda K. Pritchard uses statistical data to show that, compared to the rest of New York State, to the Ohio River Valley in the lower Midwest, and to the United States as a whole, the religiosity of the Burned-over district was typical rather than exceptional.[3] More recent works have argued that these revivals in Western New York had a unique and lasting impact upon the religious and social life of the entire nation.”[4][5][6]


Let me emphasize: these revivals in Western New York had a unique and lasting impact upon the religious and social life of the entire nation. This effort to control the mind of the American people, that started in the early 1800s is still going on today, and producing devastating effects for America and the world!

In a Democracy; he who controls the mind of the people controls the government!

To understand the danger properly we must understand that foreign religious leaders are messing with (taking control of) the American mind to control this nation, and to use the power of the United States to forward their stated determination to conquer and control the entire world as a priestly dictatorship in the name of their Christ myth. For collections of Scholarly books on this subject see: https://www.bankofwisdom.com/cd/10TheVatican-20211220T054903Z-001.zip and https://www.bankofwisdom.com/cd/12TheJesuits-20211220T054908Z-001.zip

The year 1776 was the most important year for the advance of human freedom in the History of Western Civilization; two important events took place that year: 1. ‘The Declaration of Independence’ that set the American Colonies free of British and priestly rule; and 2. The publication of the first volume of ‘The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire’ by Edward Gibbon.

The first advance; ‘The Declaration of Independence’ created a new nation of people with no king and no priest to rule them; and the second; ‘The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire’ exposed the lies of Christian history by undertaking scholarly research into the records of the time under investigation to ascertain what actually happened. The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire was so revealing and unanswerable that Christians had a shortened ‘Students Edition’ published that excluded all the undeniable facts of Christian political intrigue, persecutions, and destruction of competing Pagan religions.

In reply to the ‘Students Edition’ Edward Gibbon published a single volume that included all the information of Christian tyranny the Student’s Edition had excluded. That book is very important and should be within reach of every serious student of religious History:

Gibbon On Christianity : J M Robertson : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The results of Gibbon’s scholarly research inspired others to investigate important aspects of European History and this produced a wealth of Scholarly books and sets of books that revealed the horror of church and Christian history that had corrupted morals, caused wars, destroyed nations, and ruled and ruined Western Civilization for 1900 years. These magnificent histories and commentaries on historic events have been removed from public view and replaced with the ‘New History’ that reverses the facts, vilifies humanities greatest heroes and replaces it all with church propaganda and superstitious nonsense – see the sad story of The Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition!

The 11th Edition was to be the greatest set of encyclopedias ever published, only the leading authorities on every subject was employed, the expense was staggering, but that edition was as accurate as true scholarship could produce. No sooner was this as-accurate-as-possible encyclopedia published than it was declared inaccurate and anti-Christian, and no Christian should buy it! This Christian boycott destroyed sales and the greatest encyclopedia ever published could not pay its bills. The 12th and 13th edition of Britannica was just one volume added to the 11th edition, and the financially troubled encyclopedia was sold. The 14th edition was edited by Christian “scholars” and almost everything was reversed; today the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannia is known as “The Scholars Edition” by true scholars – and we are becoming fewer every year.

“I think Hans Koning of the New Yorker nailed the appeal 30 years ago. He said it (the 11th Edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica) was the last great work of the age of reason, the final instance when all human knowledge could be presented with a single point of view. Four years later, the confidence and optimism that had produced the 11th would be, as he puts it, 'a casualty in the slaughter at Ypres and the Argonne” The magic of Encyclopedia Britannica's 11th edition | History books | The Guardian

For an example of the powerful works of Reason produced before WWI, download all the books in this list from Bank of Wisdom India: https://www.bankofwisdom.com/atheism-and-freethought-c-2.html

The ‘slow cook’ works to infiltrate, corrupt, and destroy secular governments; but for periods of great leaps backward in the affairs of nations, wars are the primary weapon to stop progress, grab control of nations, and reverse the rise of public intelligence that threatens to destroy the power and control of the Christian superstition. The secret intrigues that generated World War One [see https://www.academia.edu/53391544/Papal_Guilt_of_the_World_War_ Gilbert and for an explanation of this affair see: World War Armageddon: The Vatican-Serbian Concordat, June 1914 (Part I)] produced the exact desired results; it stopped the intellectual progress of the Progressive Era see: Progressive Era - Wikipedia and reversed the growth of public intelligence in the United States. No sooner had the United States declared war, April 1917, than the

Espionage Act of 1917 was enacted, June 15, 1917. The Espionage Act destroyed the basic Liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and reversed the basic concept of our government being controlled by the people, to a people controlled by the government. That law put International Christian priestcraft in control of our Nation.

That unnecessary law, claimed to be an emergency wartime law, remains on the books to this very day. That unconstitutional law has had many changes to broaden the net and tighten the screws; it is no longer regarded a temporary emergency War & National Defense law; it is now under Title 18 Crime & Criminal Procedure. That law is the law used to prosecute (persecute) American heroes who dare to expose the criminal acts, international and domestic, of our Christianized American government – Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers | National Archives, Edward Snowden Edward Snowden - Wikipedia, and so many others, less known, who were sent away to prison for trying to save their country.

While World War One was a great step towards Christianizing America, and in spite of the preaching of fascism and antisemitism by the popular American radio priest, Father Charles E. Coughlin, Charles E. Coughlin | Holocaust Encyclopedia, America was still basically a Secular Nation and entered World War Two on the side of the Allies, “its principal (Allied) members by 1941 were the United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Union, and China” Allies of World War II - Wikipedia. But war, trouble, and desperation are the foods superstitions feed upon, and by the end of WWII international Christianity was in control of the United States and the Western world against Atheist Russia; and the United States and its Allies turned upon our wartime ally in a religious war that continues to this very day.

What-IF there was no Christian influence in the American government at the end of WWII, and the United States had helped rebuild our ally Atheist Russia, instead of rebuilding our wartime enemy Christian Germany? What-if we had not rushed in to rebuilding the defeated German Army that had invaded and devastated much of Russia? IF the United States had still been the Secular Nation it was designed to be; our Nation would have done the right thing after WWII modern world history would be entirely different, and we would have a peaceful world today.

Emmett F. Fields

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