A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church, and promoting understanding and acceptence of atheism and freethought in our community

A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church,understanding and acceptence of atheism 

and freethought in our community

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Location :  Reason Center, 1824 Tribute Road Suite A, Sacramento, see map

Joey Garcia and BookOpening to Love: Six Simple Choices to Inspire Incredible Relationships

Who says atheists & freethinkers have no hearts? We have them, and they are as porcelain-fragile as any. Cut us, do we not bleed? (Please don't try this experiment.)

Now the wise and wonderful Joey Garcia comes to advise and guide us through the heart's cindered wasteland, on a path often neglected or diminished within the freethought community: how to seek love, how to find love, how to sustain it, and how to open ourselves to deeper connection to our loved ones, despite possible vasty barriers of faith. We've all been there, haven't we? Oh we have, we have.

Joey previously spoke to AOF members in December 2007. With grace and élan she deconstructed the negative sterotypes of both religion and irreligion, encouraging us to build bridges to our brothers and sisters of faith. Well-prepared, vivacious and articulate, she won over many skeptical AOFers. Now she graciously visits us again.

So what is your own situation? Do you hope to meet someone special? To deepen a connection you have already? To break down emotional walls that have too long contained you? Or simply to understand your own emotional clockwork? Six simple changes can sweeten your situation. Please come to this lively, interactive presentation and book signing. Enjoy laughter, challenge, unexpected insights and a fresh perspective on how to create and nourish love.

Or simply bask in Joey's luminous smile.

Joey Garcia has dispensed wise, witty and practical advice to readers of the Sacramento News & Review since 1996 -- see her article archive here. Joey is also the Relationship Expert for Fox 40 television (not Fox News) and is the award-winning author of When Your Heart Breaks, It's Opening to Love: Healing and finding love after an affair, heartbreak or divorce. And she is the founder of Rise Up Belize!, a non-profit organization that serves children and teachers in her native Belize.

Her book (published in 2013) will be available for purchase and signing. By evening's end, we bet you'll want a copy!


Simply Joey

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Attendance, parking, refreshments and the rich wisdom imparted by our speaker, all free! But please help - bring some light goodies for the hospitality table (finger-foods), and maybe drop a crinkled dollar in the foyer basket, um?