A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church, and promoting understanding and acceptence of atheism and freethought in our community

A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church,understanding and acceptence of atheism 

and freethought in our community

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Upcoming Events

2024 Jun 19, 12:00AM
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jun 20, 12:00AM
Solstice (June)
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jun 21, 12:00AM
World Humanist Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jun 23, 02:00PM - 04:00PM
Liam McDaid: Habitable Exoplanets
(General Meeting)

2024 Jun 26, 12:00AM
Torture Victims' Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jul 01, 12:00AM
Chevalier de la Barre Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jul 04, 12:00AM
Indivisible Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jul 09, 07:00PM - 08:00PM
Board of Directors Meeting
(Planning Meeting)

2024 Jul 11, 12:00AM
World Population Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Aug 01, 12:00AM
World Friendship Day
(Secular Holiday)

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Freethought Webcasts, Podcasts & audio from other sites (this is a feed, i.e., the list changes daily):

  • Former Catholic Nun In Zimbabwe Opens School For Students With Disabilities

    A former nun has founded a not-for-profit organization, Girls Way of Life Charitable Trust, to help parents in these situations. The trust has established an inclusive school in Victoria Falls named Mother of all Humanity Private School to provide education[…]

  • The Growth Of Spirituality: How Unaffiliated Americans Are Finding Faith

    (ANALYSIS) Live seasonally. Inhabit the rhythms and cycles of nature. Find the Sacred in the shifts of the year. These themes have become prominent across sacred traditions and spiritual paths in the last few years.

  • Do Southern Baptists Now Qualify As Neo-Fundamentalists?

    (ANALYSIS) The annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention was as newsworthy as usual, but unusually significant. The Tennessean depicted the deliberations as “a turning point for the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.” If so, will this turning turn out to be[…]

  • $1 Billion Crypto Scam Allegedly Targeted Christian Immigrants

    Appealing to their Christian faith, Cynthia Petion promised investors returns of up to 200% in just one year through her cryptocurrency investment platform, NovaTechFX (Novatech). Four years later, in May 2023, NovaTechFX collapsed. Now New York Attorney General Letitia James[…]

  • Whatever You Believe, You Probably Need To Repent

    (OPINION) This week I want to talk about a pair of concepts that are typically used side-by-side in Christian circles, and which also strike me as among the more misunderstood and egregiously misused principles in the church lexicon. Understood rightly,[…]

  • On A Wing And A Prayer: How Soaring Cathedral Spires Became Home To Falcons

    The soaring spires and towers of cathedrals across the U.K. have become homes to countless pairs of breeding falcons. Each spring, the patter of tiny claws is eagerly awaited by millions of people watching the activities of parent birds and their[…]

  • Over $130K Raised for Missionary Couple Killed in Haiti

    More than $130,000 has been raised on GoFundMe for Natalie and Davy Lloyd, American missionaries who were shot and killed while serving in Haiti. Natalie Lloyd, 21, daughter of Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, and her husband, Davy Lloyd, 23, were[…]

  • What Idaho’s Republican Primary Tells Us About The Culture Wars

    Idaho Republicans have increasingly disagreed over how far to take these efforts. Capitol police in Boise had to intervene in a 2022 fight over proposed “parental freedom” legislation that would have created a $1,000 fine if a school didn’t give[…]

  • ⛪︎ 5 Takeaways From Indy: Putting the SBC’s Annual Meeting Into Perspective

    The Southern Baptist Convention conducted its annual meeting in Indianapolis this week. The denomination’s sex abuse scandal — while perhaps overshadowed by a vote on women pastors and a resolution opposing in vitro fertilization — remained a key topic of discussion.

  • New Wave of Violence Erupts Against Christians In The Indian State Of Manipur

    Manipur is witnessing renewed violence, with the latest escalations being reported from Jiribam district, an area that borders Assam’s Cachar district, after a Meitei farmer’s death was attributed to a Kuki-Zo armed group. Two people from the Hmar-Mizo tribal communities,[…]

  • Black Disbelief

    We celebrate the 96th birthday of the Broadway composer Charles Strouse, a lifelong atheist, by hearing the protest song he wrote for the musical "Golden Boy," "No More," sung by Sammy Davis Jr. We also reprise part of our 2009[…]

  • The Comstock Act

    A judge ruled that our lawsuit challenging an Oklahoma religious charter school can continue. FFRF Director of Communications Amitabh Pal tells us about the national election results in India, which have weakened the threat of Hindu nationalism. Then we speak[…]

  • Dear Oliver

    A theocrat and a secularist duke it out in Louisiana. We ask whether Justice Samuel Alito should recuse himself. We report state/church complaints in Minnesota, California, Tennessee and Virginia. FFRF Legal Fellow Hirsh Joshi tells us how his letter to a[…]

  • Culture Wars

    We call on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to resign, after revelations that political and Christian nationalist flags have flown outside his homes. Deputy Legal Director Liz Cavell prognosticates over SCOTUS's upcoming mifepristone decision and Social Works Fellow Kat Grant[…]

  • Where did religion come from?

    Today's guest, philosophy Professor Patrick J. Hurley, discusses his insightful new book, Religion, Power and Illusion: A Genealogy of Religious Belief. And FFRF Legal Fellow Hirsh Joshi talks about how an FFRF complaint caused a Minnesota jail to repaint —[…]

  • Ex-vangelicals

    After reporting on state/church separation in Alabama, Florida and Arizona, and on blasphemy, book banning and abortion, we hear the optimistic song "Workin' on a World" by Iris DeMent. Then, we speak with NPR Correspondent Sarah McCammon about her new[…]

  • Future of the World's Largest Secular Democracy

    Guest host Amitabh Pal, FFRF Communications Director, begins by talking about the various ways the Freedom From Religion Foundation is making waves: at Capitol Hill receptions, during major conferences and in the media. Then, the show has an interview with Indian[…]

  • Rise of the Nones

    FFRF attorney Sam Grover joins us to describe our newest amicus ("friend of the court") brief over an Arizona school board member who refuses to stop pushing her religion at board meetings. We announce FFRF's "Godless Gospel" musical show to[…]

  • Earth Day

    "Christian nationalists are truly in la-la land," says Annie Laurie Gaylor. We cover state/church news in Tennessee, Arizona, Maine, Wisconsin and Louisiana. To honor Earth Day (April 22), after hearing satiric songwriter Roy Zimmerman perform his climate-change song "We Are[…]

  • Reagan and the Media

    We talk about Charlie Chaplin, the “Lucy” fossil, the eclipse, and state/church issues in Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Louisiana and Uganda. Then, we speak with journalism Professor Diane Winston about her new book Righting the American Dream: How[…]