A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church, and promoting understanding and acceptence of atheism and freethought in our community

A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church,understanding and acceptence of atheism 

and freethought in our community

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Upcoming Events

2024 Feb 25, 02:00PM - 04:00PM
Kim Luke-Lum: The Lu Family Saga
(General Meeting)

2024 Mar 08, 12:00AM
International Women's Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Mar 09, 09:00AM - 11:00AM
Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup
(Community Service)

2024 Mar 12, 07:00PM - 08:00PM
Board of Directors Meeting
(Planning Meeting)

2024 Mar 14, 12:00AM
Pi Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Mar 16, 12:00AM
Freedom of Information Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Mar 16, 12:00AM
Sunshine Week
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Mar 19, 12:00AM
Equinox (March)
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Mar 23, 12:00AM
Atheist Coming-Out Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Apr 01, 12:00AM
April Fool's Day
(Secular Holiday)

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Freethought Webcasts, Podcasts & audio from other sites (this is a feed, i.e., the list changes daily):

  • Why Jewish Groups Are Fighting A New Texas Law

    A coalition of Jewish groups and other organizations is fighting an effort to replace guidance counselors with chaplains in public schools in Texas. The chaplains are not required to be licensed as mental health practitioners or have any specific credentials[…]

  • Pastors And Christian Ministers, Don’t Tie Your Reputation To A Political Leader

    (OPINION) As leaders in the Body of Christ, nothing is more important than your personal testimony — your hard-earned reputation for soundness in life, faith, and practice. You are a representative of Jesus in a formal and public way, with[…]

  • ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ Puts The Spotlight On Reggae And Rastafarians

    “Bob Marley: One Love,” a new movie that chronicles on the life of legendary reggae singer and songwriter — from his rise to fame in the mid-1970s up until his death in 1981 — has put a spotlight on what[…]

  • United Nations Experts Call For Immediate Release Of Jimmy Lai

    (ANALYSIS) A group of independent United Nations human rights experts called on the authorities in Hong Kong to drop all charges against Jimmy Lai and release him. Lai, a pro-democracy and human rights defender, has been detained and subjected to[…]

  • Christians In Kansas City Love The Chiefs, But Hate The City’s Violence

    Even before last week’s shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl rally, Branden Mims was focused on reducing violence in this city that amassed a record 182 homicides in 2023. Mims, the 35-year-old minister for the Greater Metropolitan Church[…]

  • What ‘God and Country’ Gets Wrong About Christian Nationalism

    (REVIEW) A new documentary “God and Country” tries to warn against an American political movement that is corrupting both politics and Christianity — but its misrepresentation of the topic only makes its audience less informed and instead gives strength to[…]

  • Humanity In Life And Death: How One Play Intertwines Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’

    (REVIEW) At the beginning of Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” he describes himself as being in a dark place spiritually. Virgil, the protagonist of the one woman show “Spiritus/Virgil’s Dance,” finds herself in a similar position in the middle of her life:[…]

  • Christians Challenged To Connect With God’s Creation During Lent

    In an effort to care more for nature over the next six weeks, Christians around the world can improve lives through eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyles emphasizing the transformative nature of Lent. A group based in the U.K. hopes Christians across Britain[…]

  • Mass Of Reparation: Why New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral Was Forced To Perform One

    The Archdiocese of New York condemned the funeral of a transgender leader held last week at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, calling the entire thing “sacrilegious” and that church official had been duped into performing the service. As a result, the cathedral[…]

  • John Cooper Has Something To Say — And Thinks You Do, Too

    John Cooper’s straightforward opinions mirror the musical style that has brought numerous awards and nominations over the years. Around 2013, Cooper, by his own description, was an “average, Christian layperson who loved God, loved my church and loved my Bible.”[…]

  • Prohibited Books

    This week we talk about Christian nationalism, leaving the Mormon Church, and religion in the classroom. After listening to part of our TV interview with Rep. Jared Huffman about the theocratic Speaker of the House, we talk with historian Robin[…]

  • State-Church Watchdogs

    Prayer is the target of this week's show: the National Prayer Breakfast and school-board prayer. For Valentine's Day, we hear Susan Hofer sing Dan Barker's freethought love song, "It's Only Natural." Then, we speak with FFRF attorneys Sammi Lawrence and[…]

  • Tiny Titanic Acts

    This week, we call out governmental prayer at the National Prayer Breakfast and an egregious Christian nationalist invocation before the House of Representatives. Then we hear Kate Cohen, Washington Post contributing columnist and author of the book We of Little[…]

  • An Atheist Chaplain

    FFRF Director of Communications Amit Pal describes how India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a Hindu temple on the site of a demolished mosque in a political effort to establish Hindu nationalism in that country. Then we speak with Devin Moss,[…]

  • Anti-Caste Activist

    Margaret Downey, president of the Thomas Paine Memorial Association, tells us about an exciting celebration of the birth of the “Forgotten Founder" Thomas Paine on his Jan. 29 birthday. Then, FFRF Director of Communications Amit Pal speaks with the actor,[…]

  • Disobedient Women

    After we hear from atheists Ron Reagan and Richard Dawkins, we listen to U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan greet attendees at FFRF's annual convention. Then we speak with author and essayist Sarah Stankorb about her new book, Disobedient Women: How a Small Group[…]

  • Atheists in Africa

    Emily Olson, a very brave member of the Owosso, Michigan city council, tells us what happened when she challenged prayer at board meetings. Then we speak with the founder and president of Atheists in Kenya Harrison Mumia about that group's successful lawsuit[…]

  • Happy Secular New Year!

    We report on FFRF state/church victories and complaints and honor the 2023 "Secularist of the Year." After welcoming the New Year by hearing the sparkling performance of Godless Gospel, we speak with FFRF contributing writer Barbara Alvarez about the current state[…]

  • Reason's Greetings

    On this important date, we remind listeners of the real reason for the season: the Winter Solstice. After reporting on FFRF’s Solstice and “Bill of Rights nativity” scenes erected on public property to counter religious displays, we hear from the[…]

  • Secularism Is Growing

    Secularism is growing around the world, and in the United States resistance to Christian nationalism is increasing. FFRF Legal Fellow Sammi Lawrence and FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line join us to talk about some of the encouraging state/church legal victories (in court[…]