A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church, and promoting understanding and acceptence of atheism and freethought in our community

A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church,understanding and acceptence of atheism 

and freethought in our community

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Upcoming Events

2023 Sep 24, 02:00PM - 04:00PM
Potluck Picnic in the Park
(General Meeting)

2023 Sep 30, 12:00AM
Blasphemy Day
(Secular Holiday)

2023 Oct 08, 11:00AM - 05:30PM
California Freethought Day
(General Meeting)

2023 Oct 12, 12:00AM
Freethought Day
(Secular Holiday)

2023 Nov 09, 12:00AM
Carl Sagan Day
(Secular Holiday)

2023 Nov 14, 07:00PM - 08:00PM
Board of Directors Meeting
(Planning Meeting)

2023 Nov 24, 12:00AM
Church/State Separation Week
(Secular Holiday)

2023 Dec 10, 12:00AM
International Human Rights Day
(Secular Holiday)

2023 Dec 15, 12:00AM
Bill of Rights Day
(Secular Holiday)

2023 Dec 20, 12:00AM
Solstice (December)
(Secular Holiday)

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Freethought Webcasts, Podcasts & audio from other sites (this is a feed, i.e., the list changes daily):

  • Christian White Supremacy

    We report four state-church victories this week: Minnesota, Oklahoma and two in California. We also report on the advocacy group FFRF Action Fund, working to keep religion out of politics and law. Then we speak with Robert P. Jones, president and founder of the[…]

  • Do Say Gay

    We protest coaches forcing prayer and baptism on students, a public library system closing on the sabbath to "honor God" and judges who inject bible verses into their decisions. Courageous freethinking high-school student Will Larkins tells us how he is[…]

  • Asian American Apostate

    We expose the hypocrisy of praying football coach Joe Kennedy and complain about religious incursions into the public schools. After remembering the life of "Lone Star Freethinker" Catherine Fahringer (1922–2008), we talk with R. Scott Okamoto, author of Asian American Apostate: Losing[…]

  • Indian Jeopardy

    We protest bibles and prayers in public schools and "In God We Trust" on public buildings. Freethought Radio co-host Annie Laurie Gaylor wraps up her series on "The Cult of Fetus Worship." Then we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the[…]

  • How religion became more conservative and society more secular

    "It's Too Darn Hot!" And evangelicals are making global warming worse. After reporting state/church news in Indiana, South Carolina, Colorado, Ohio and Florida, Freethought Radio co-host Annie Laurie Gaylor reads more of her blog: "Let's Abort the Cult of Fetus[…]

  • The Gospel of J. Edgar Hoover

    After reporting on state/church complaints and victories in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Indiana and California, Annie Laurie asks, "Is there a cult of fetus worship?" Then we speak with Stanford Professor Lerone A. Martin about his illuminating new book, The[…]

  • Beyond Doubt

    We announce a new lawsuit attempting to stop public money from repairing churches in New Jersey. We celebrate the birthdate of the "Great Agnostic" orator and author Robert G. Ingersoll by hearing his "Love" recitation set to music. Then we[…]

  • Humanly Possible

    We announce a new lawsuit to stop Oklahoma officials from creating the nation's first religious public charter school. After hearing Rupert Brooke's poem "Heaven" (from the point of view of a fish) set to music by Dan Barker, Annie Laurie[…]

  • Ban the Bible?

    FFRF attorney Chris Line explains why many evangelicals are boycotting the "Barbie" movie. Colorado activist Rob Rogers tells us how he is protesting book banning by insisting that the bible should also be banned. Then we remember freethinking author and editor[…]

  • Conspiracy theories

    FFRF litigation attorney Sam Grover tells us about his trip to Little Rock to do oral arguments in FFRF's federal lawsuit challenging the placement of a Ten Commandments monument at the Arkansas capitol. Then we interview the well-known skeptic Michael[…]

  • 357 - Ryan Cragun (Beyond Doubt)

    I interview Ryan Cragun, co-author of Beyond Doubt: The Secularization of Society, a new book that makes a compelling argument that secularization has indeed been happening, both in the United States and around the world. You can buy a copy[…]

  • 356 - Matt Johnson (How Hitchens Can Save the Left)

    I interview Matt Johnson, whose new book How Hitchens Can Save the Left argues that the late Christopher Hitchens's staunch defense of classical liberalism is still useful, even 11 years after his death, in helping the American Left to resist[…]

  • 355 - Joseph Monninger (Goodbye to Clocks Ticking)

    I interview Joseph Monninger, a college professor and novelist who discovered, only three days after his retirement, that he had terminal lung cancer and likely only months to live. His memoir Goodbye to Clocks Ticking is a heartfelt, humanistic account[…]

  • 354 - Bradley Onishi (Preparing for War)

    I interview Bradley Onishi, cohost of the Straight White American Jesus podcast, and author of the new book Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism—And What Comes Next. It's a terrifying look at the recent history of[…]

  • 353 - Daniel Sokatch (Can We Talk about Israel?)

    I interview Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund and author of Can We Talk about Israel? A Guide for the Curious, Confused, and Conflicted. Buy a copy of Can We Talk about Israel? for yourself. For more about[…]

  • 352 - Emily Dreyfuss (Meme Wars)

    I interview Emily Dreyfuss, co-author (with Dr. Joan Donovan and Brian Friedberg) of Meme Wars: The Untold Story of the Online Battles Upending Democracy in America. Buy a copy of Meme Wars for yourself. Theme music courtesy of Body Found. Follow[…]

  • 351 - David Hollinger (Christianity's American Fate)

    With less than two weeks to go before the midterms, I talk with David A. Hollinger, history professor at the University of California, Berkley, and author of Christianity's American Fate: How Religion Became More Conservative and Society More Secular. This[…]

  • 350 - David Driscoll on SCOTUS rulings, Jan 6th, and more!

    For this special episode, I'm joined by podcast co-founder and co-host emeritus David Driscoll. We talk about the recent disastrous Supreme Court rulings (Carson v Makin, Kennedy v Bremerton, and Dobbs v Jackson); the ramifications of the House Select Committee[…]

  • 349 - Nadya Dutchin (Exec Dir, American Humanist Association)

    I interview Nadya Dutchin, the new Executive Director of the American Humanist Association. Our wide-ranging discussion includes her plans and hopes for the AHA; reaction to the gun massacres in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX; raising secular kids in the[…]

  • 348 - Association of Secular Elected Officials

    I speak to two members of the leadership of the Association of Secular Elected Officials (ASEO), a new organization devoted to helping elected officials be authentic about their beliefs and ethics, and providing a forum for elected officials to connect[…]