A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church, and promoting understanding and acceptence of atheism and freethought in our community

A democratic organization supporting separation of state and church,understanding and acceptence of atheism 

and freethought in our community

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Upcoming Events

2024 Jun 19, 12:00AM
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jun 20, 12:00AM
Solstice (June)
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jun 21, 12:00AM
World Humanist Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jun 23, 02:00PM - 04:00PM
Liam McDaid: Habitable Exoplanets
(General Meeting)

2024 Jun 26, 12:00AM
Torture Victims' Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jul 01, 12:00AM
Chevalier de la Barre Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jul 04, 12:00AM
Indivisible Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Jul 09, 07:00PM - 08:00PM
Board of Directors Meeting
(Planning Meeting)

2024 Jul 11, 12:00AM
World Population Day
(Secular Holiday)

2024 Aug 01, 12:00AM
World Friendship Day
(Secular Holiday)

Our Kindred Spirits (other groups like us)

The world of freethought: a deep, vast commonwealth, multifarious, diverse and prismed as a snowflake. You won't find a lot of agreement here. But why should you? Freethinkers are a heckling, independent lot. What you will find is discussion, challenge, opinion, inquiry and rich food to fatten your thought. In brief, this is a place to learn more, to explore other groups like AOF, and some very unlike. A place to challenge yourself, to grow your horizons. It may seem a lot. But do not worry, you have the rest of your life to do your homeworkYou’ve barely begun.

Sister Groups within the Sacramento Community of Reason

o Reason Center, a home and venue for all of us 

o HAGSA, the Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area (in abeyance)

o SacFAN, Sacramento Freethinkers, Atheists & Nonbelievers 

o Sacramento African American Humanists (aka Black Humanists & Nonbelievers, BHNBS)

o Sacramento ThinkAtheist (see its parent group under Family Resources below)

o Sunday Assembly Sacramento, a humanist alternative to church 

o Recovery from Religion (RfR), A meetup group for those escaping dogma

o Compassionate Humanists, in Roseville

o Stockton Area Atheists & Freethinkers 

o Central Valley Alliance of Atheists & Skeptics (CVAAS), with its Meetup Page

o AgASA, the Atheists and Agnostic Student Association of UC Davis (and its Wikipage)

o CSUS Secular Student Alliance 

o Sacramento City College Secular Student Alliance, formerly the Sac City College Freethinkers

o SAS, the Sacramento Area Skeptics 

o Americans United Sacramento

o FACTS, aka the First Atheist Church of True Science

o Greater Sacramento FFRF Chapter - Please email "sacffrf (at) gmail (dot) com" for info
(click to FFRF to learn more about the national organization)

o The Skeptics Dictionary, a project of the late Robert Todd Carroll

o Teaching About Religion (local educational resource)

Major Secular events in the Sacramento area

o California Freethought Day - a day in October

o Sacramento Darwin Day - a day in mid-February

o Human Light - a day in late December (for the Facebook page, click here

o National Day of Reason - Each year, the 1st Thursday in May 

National & International organizations

o FFRF, the Freedom From Religion Foundation 

o American Atheists, the group that began all the hoopla

o The Brights 

o United Coalition of Reason 

o American Humanist Association 

o The Secular Coalition for America 

o CSH, the Council for Secular Humanism 

o Atheist Alliance International 

o The Skeptical Inquirer 

oThe Satanic Temple - Really, just freethinkers in black robes

o The Rationality Unleashed Project 

o The Secular Global Institute

o Secular Student Alliance

o Atheists for Human Rights

o Atheist Republic 

o National Atheist Party + its Facebook Page. AKA, Secular America. Yes, there's a National Atheist Party, jump back!

o International Humanist and Ethical Union

o The Humanist

o IHS, the Institute for Humanist Studies

o Humanist Life

o Openly Secular, seeking an end to discrimination against secularists

o The First Amendment Center

oTruth Seeker Publishing, the oldest freethought journal in the West

o The Freethinker (from the Brits)

o Project Reason

o Canadian Association for Science and Reason

o The Military Religious Freedom Foundation

o Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, atheists in foxholes do exist!

oThe Original Motto Project, getting America back to “E Pluibus Unum

oNo More "In God We Trust", because God on money is just wrong

o We Are Atheism

o Progressive Atheists in Australia

o Skeptical Inquirer (formerly CSICOP, Committiee for Skeptical Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)

o The Skeptic Society

o Independent Investigations Group, investigating paranormal claims from a scientific pov, because somebody has to

o LogiCal-LA, a place for critical thinkers to meet & schmooze

o Americans United for Separation of Church and State

o The Institute for Church-State Studies

o Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

General Resources and Information

  o Atheists Websites Directory. You think this is a big list? Meh.

  o Atheist Girl, another directory

  o Atheism Webrings, a collection of collections of freethought websites (will keep you busy)

o The Atheist Research Collaborative, aka Center for Atheist Research

o The Secular Web

o Truth Saves

o The Happy Heretic

o The Black Sun Journal, another ex-minister speaking out

o The English Atheist (the Religion Page, archived)

o The Rational Responders

o The Skeptics' Bible is a useful reference!

o The Skeptics' Quran

o Bible Trash (offline, archived)

o Opposing Views (Religion)

o HolySmoke and its Archive

o The Skeptic Tank

o The Set Free website

o Atheist Empire strikes back (from Liverpool)

o The Infidels, aka the Secular Web, aka the Internet Infidels

o Positive Atheism (archived)

o Nobeliefs

o IronChariots, a huge wiki of apologetics & contra-apologetics

o Undo Jesus is about as in-your-face as they get

o Jim Lippard's Atheism & Christianity page 

o The Richard C. Carrier Page  

o Two blogs by Paul Storey: Natural View and Atheist Life 

o Jesus Never Existed? loves controversy

o The Event Horizon reader (archive)

o The Skeptical Review archive, by J. Farrell Till, a very-ex minister

o Biblical Errancy by Dennis McKinsey, all 192 issues, huge file, be patient. Happy reading!

o BibleViz, a visual interactive chart of Bible problems. Whoa. I mean, whoa.

o The Freethought Debater

o The Evil Bible, all the scuttlebutt

o The Orbit: Atheism, Activism and Culture

o Skepchick, women on science, skepticism, and pseudoscience

o Edward T. Babinski's Religion Blog

o Valerie Tarico

o The Blaghag Blog

o Secular Voices 

o The Friendly Atheist

o An American Atheist

o Atheist in America, aka "FlameWarrior"

o Rosa Rubicondior, a blog of religion, science & politics by an atheist-humanist

o The Secular Right, a blog of conservative freethought 

o Why won't God heal amputees?

o The God Contention, with religious & secular answers to the Big Questions

o The Savage Truth by the Right Rev. James Huber (he spells it 'Huger' sometimes)

o Teaching About Religion, a national educational resource

o The Secular Directory, a directory of humanist/freethought/skeptic groups & events everywhere

o The Freethinker's Directory (similar resource, in .pdf format, click here for other formats!)

o The Godless Geeks of Silicon Valley

o Secular Activism, online classes, training & webinars for the secular mind

o Atheism UK

o Defaithed

o Digital Freethought

o The Pissy Bishop is dedicated to freethought expression

o No Honor in Gods

o Anonymous vs Scientology - Why they protest

o Planet Atheism - Aggregated atheist blogs

o Patheos Atheist, the Atheist Voice in a conversation of faith

o The Critical Thinker Academy

o The Religious Right in California
(a 1992 chart from Project Tocsin, a bit outdated, still fascinating)

o Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, "FSM" sightings the world over!

o United Church of Bacon: Hail Bacon, Full of grease, the Lard is with thee 

o The Wittenburg Door, a genuinely likable Christian site (they do exist) 

o Sojourners, another! 

Family Resources, Social Networks, and Building a Community

o Camp Quest

o Scouting for All

o Atheist Parents

o Atheist Nexus

o Parenting Beyond Belief

o Grief Beyond Belief, faith-free grief support

o Kids Without God

o After School Satan, bringing the Dark Lord to our public schools

o Atheist Zone (with its Sacramento-area branch!)

o Atheist Social Network

o Freethinker Match, a dating service

o Agnostic.com, also a dating service

o Secular Organizations for Sobriety, a secular alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous 

o Rational Recovery, another alternative

o LifeRing, yet another

o The Sober Atheist

o The Atheist Census - Stand up, be counted!

Science and Evolution

o NCSE, the National Center for Science Education 

o Talk Origins, an excellent resource, especially these pages:

o The Case for Common Descent (29+ Lines of Evidence)

o Index to Creationist Claims (with replies)

o Talk Reason 

o The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science 

o Answers in Science 

o Evolution Evidence 

o Why Evolution is True 

o Pharyngula, the PZ Meyers Science Blog 

o Ed Babinski's Creation & Evolution Blog 

o Dave Matson and Dave Matson (Blog) 

o The Epic Idiot (archived) 

o Bible and Science (or, the Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies) 

o Earth and Life - One of the neatest science posters ever, courtesy of The Brights 

o The Geological Time Spiral, another great poster 

o The Radial Tree of Life (Hillis Diagram), another! 


oThis Day in Church History, a Christian site with a sense of humor (archived)

o History of Religion and the Geography of War, splendid animation 

o The (Real) Christian Heritage (archived, original site is offline)

o Christian Atrocities (archived)

o The Bible - Who Wrote it, Compiled it, Edited it

(by the Staff of The Straight Dope, an epic in five parts)

o Jesusquest (archived) - Who was this Jesus, anyway?

o "Things They Don't Tell You ..." (also archived)

Reference and Research

o Religion Facts

o The Religious Tolerance website

o Field Guide to Religions

o Adherents.com, for statistics on religion

o The Sacred Texts archive

o Epiphenom, the Science of Religion and Nonbelief

o The Godchecker - More gods than you can shake a stick at

o Meta-religion - Still not sure what this is ...

De-conversion support and testimonials

o Leaving Christianity

o Losing My Religion

o The Ex-Christian Network and New ExChristian Network, useful forums

o Recovering From Religion 

o Ex-Minister, for clergy who walked away

o The Clergy Project, another resource for doubting clergy

o Fundamentalism Exposed

o Recovery From Mormonism

o Quit Mormon, legal assitance for ex-Mormons

oJehovah's Witnesses Facts, for recovering JWs

o Free Minds, for 'JW' Escapees

o Apostates of Islam (please check your jihads at the door)

o Former Muslims United

o Ex-Muslims of North America

o Ebon Musings

o Questioning

o Fundamentalist Logic

o Not My God

o God is Imaginary

o Deconversion Blog 

Recommended secular charities

o The SHARE charity

o Foundation Beyond Belief

o Humanist Charities

o Sacramento Blood Source
Schedule a donation now. When you do, please use the AOF Blood Source ID# 4857

Freethought-related gifts & merchandise ZzzzzzAP

o The EvolveFish Company (stickers, buttons, lapel pins)

o The Freethought Store (on Amazon.com)

o The Affable Atheist Store

o Cafe Press Freethought Gifts 

o Brainburst Designs

o The Bank of Wisdom (freethought CDs, posters & busts - no not that kind)

o Internet Infidels Products

o Arrogant Atheist T-shirts

o Atheist Bliss (Photos & Portraits)

Not enough? Then visit the Atheism United Huge List of Atheist/Agnostic/Skeptic/Humanist Websites.